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   Sealant is a polyurethane rubber and polyurethane prepolymer as the main component of the sealant. Polyurethane sealant has high tensile strength, excellent flexibility, abrasion resistance, oil resistance and cold resistance, but water resistance, especially poor alkali resistance. Can be divided into heating vulcanization, room temperature vulcanization and hot melt type three. Which room temperature vulcanization and a single component and two components of the points.

       Polyurethane sealant is generally divided into two types of single-component and two-component type, one-component moisture curing type, two-component reaction curing type. Single-component sealant construction is convenient, but the curing is slow; two components have fast curing, good performance characteristics, but the need to use the preparation of polyurethane sealant, the process is more complex. Both have their own development prospects.

       According to whether there is liquidity, polyurethane sealant can be divided into non-hanging type and parallel flow. No hanging type for vertical, inclined, ceiling and other occasions, before curing due to the weight of the tape will not shift, slide or flow; and self-leveling type specifically for horizontal occasions. According to the nature of the use can also be divided into dry, semi-dry and fully cured elastic body.

       Polyurethane sealant has the following characteristics: excellent wear resistance; low temperature flexibility; performance adjustable range; mechanical strength; polyurethane sealant good adhesion; good elasticity, with excellent recovery, can be suitable for dynamic joints ; Good weather resistance, the service life of up to 15 to 20 years; excellent oil resistance; resistance to biological aging. Polyurethane sealants are widely used in buildings, squares, roads as caulking sealing materials, as well as automotive, glass installation, electronic filling, submarines and rockets and other seals.

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