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Puyang Wanquan Chemical company Ltd.

       Set up 1994, we are the earliest professional manufacturer of polyurethane sealant ,silicone sealant and other organosilicone adhesive or sealants more than 20years, with high-tech enterprise in this area , issued and developed the PU sealants standard for automobile industry application, imported the advanced automatic production line, with ISO 9001&14001, TS16949 certified, our product has been approval by authoritative department detection, obtained American UL, Germany TUV and Swiss SGS test.


     Since 2002, we start to build Henan adhesive engineering technology research center, abundant on scientific research actual strength, development and production of low VOC, low odor, weather resistant PU sealant, excellent performance products up to international advanced level, some products obtained national patent ,  identified as high-tech products by china national technology dept., widely used in transportation equipment, construction, municipal, airport, chemical pipe line, electronics, instruments, some materials coated,  photovoltaic components bonding and other industries, exported to many countries or regions.


      Being a well-known supplier of adhesive and sealant in this industry, we insist on "technology leader, kept beyond" concept, excellent service with personalized technical solutions, best product for you, we warmly welcome customer to visit us.

  • Puyang City, Henan Province, the western part of the Yellow River Road

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